What is the role of our case managers.

Our Nurses (international case managers) support patients referred to them by the health insurer.


We assist insurers when it is necessary to place a patient in a hospital or other healthcare facility, or to obtain the medical report. We also help insurers to keep in touch with the patient, their family and  their employer.


The Caladrius Health Advisory Team works with the principle that fully supported patients, who are listened to, kept informed about their illness, and given assistance every step along the way is more likely to  benefit from the combined medical resources that Caladrius can bring together. 


We provide health advice and assist with appointments and referrals for appropriate specialists, along with general support and daily monitoring and counseling during hospitalisation.

We also provide pre-trip planning advice.


We are committed to working with patients in strict compliance with the terms of their policies and insurance contracts, insuring close collaboration between the insurance and the Caladrius case manager.