How can we assist hospitals?

Hospitals or care facilities do not all have an international unit.


Many health insurances would normally cover health expenses for their members wherever they are being treated.


Our International teams will liaise with any international health insurance after written approval from our member or their next of kin or any approved person.


We provide this work in collaboration with our member, their medical team, family, and health insurance. 


Our aim is to :


Seek immediate guaranty of payment (GOP) or a pre- authorization of care ( services 24/24/365 ) through our member's health insursance's customer services. It is not always possible for the member to pay the bill immediately, so it is much more comfortable for everyone to get insurance's approval for a direct payment to the hospital.


We do track and follow up cases with the insurance's medical team.

In case of repatriation, we keep in touch with the medical teams and, with local teams so as to  arrange the home return. (Discharge plannings in the U.S. and UK).


In exceptional cases, our nurses may also escort patients who do not require significant medical logistics " medevac " type ( nurse escort) .

Our teams fully conform and abide with the systems in place in the United States of America regarding the obligations of providers and patients' rights as well as the coding systems. (HIPAA, HPI, Milliman, DCI, Flash code).